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Jonni-Lyn Friel

Jonni-Lyn Friel has been teaching Yoga since 2006 and is a RYT-500, E-RYT 200 and RPYT Jivamukti teacher based in Greece. In 2016 she founded Namaha Yoga School, a collective of teachers from around the world from different traditions who share the common belief that teaching Yoga is a path of Seva, or service. She first was exposed to Yoga as a small child in Canada through her first teachers, her parents, and joined in their practice by watching and following along. Yoga was always a self practice that took her through years of competitive swimming, University and backpacking around the world.

In 1999, she stepped into her first Yoga class and discovered the joys of having a teacher and being taught from another's experience and knowledge. In 2006 she completed her first teacher training in Athens, Greece. With a strong background in alignment and Anusara, she began to explore the world of Vinyasa, completing a teacher training with her wonderful teacher Rusty Wells. In 2013 she completed the 300 hour Jivamukti Yoga teacher training in Costa Rica and found again new teachers in Sharon Gannon and David Life. Finally, she attended and completed a Prenatal Yoga 85h training course in London.

Now a 500 hour RYT, she has taught numerous 200 hour trainings, where her love is to share the Bhagavad Gita and to teach service and compassion as a way to happiness and self realization. Jonni-Lyn knows Yoga to be sacred, healing and powerful. This is how it has affected her life and spirit. Her greatest joy is to share her knowledge and pass on the teachings of her beloved teachers to others, in hope that it serves them in their lives.

Todd Tesen

Todd Tesen has been a student of yoga and meditation for his entire adult life. He began his contemplative practices while still at University with daily meditation that created in him the dedication for continued practice and the space to reflect and question. Yoga āsana came to Todd, post graduation. By his mid twenties, Todd started to explore the different schools of yoga instruction. This quest would take him from the practices of Hatha Yoga and Sivananda Yoga to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

In 2001, Todd stumbled upon the fledgling school of Anusara Yoga and immediately commenced studying the school’s system and instruction. His evolving practice led him to the most important introduction of his journey; meeting his teacher and friend, world renowned tantric scholar, Dr. Douglas Brooks with whom he continues regular study today. By 2003, Todd was teaching under the auspices of Anusara Yoga, and by 2007 he was traveling the world as a respected Certified Anusara Yoga instructor.

Currently based back in the United States, Todd is a Licensed E-RYT 500h Certified Yoga Instructor, who continues to practice daily and teach throughout the U.S, Mexico and South America as well as internationally crisscrossing Europe including France, the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Turkey and Bali. Additionally, he teaches online at www.yogauni.com Known for his sense of humor, steadiness and the easy manner of his teaching style, Todd is also respected as the teacher who will challenge the student to linger in the depths and edges of each posture while guiding them to cultivated subtle refinements. His favorite question, “Now, what are you prepared to do?” rings out regularly, embodying serious support with detailed instruction while being invited to the underlying philosophy and science that is Yoga.

Nancy Candea

Nancy Candea has been practicing Yoga and meditation since 1986 and teaching since 1997. Her style of teaching reflects what she has learned from many senior-level teachers in the Iyengar, Ashtanga, Anusara and Integral styles of Yoga, along with her study of Ayurveda. She is certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapist, and registered with the Yoga Alliance as an experienced Yoga teacher at the 500hr level and as a children’s Yoga teacher.*

Nancy is the founder and director of Yoga Impact, a 200 hour and 500 hour registered Yoga school, and a former Training Director for Kula for Karma. Finally, she is the director of the International Yoga Therapy Institute, a 1000 Yoga yoga therapy education school. Through these not-for-profit organisations, Nancy has taught yoga and meditation in jails, shelters and cancer treatment centers, and brought yoga to the under-served: inmates, war veterans, the chronically ill, at-risk youth, the homeless, victims of abuse, those confined to wheelchairs and addicts.

She is an Adjunct Professor of Yoga at the College of St. Elizabeth in New Jersey, teaching Yoga to young inner city women and Yoga for nurses, and teaches Yoga therapy in the Women’s Trauma Unit for the Veterans Administration. After owning a Yoga studio in Hawaii for five years, Nancy moved to Boulder, Colorado and taught Yoga to professional athletes. She currently directs her basic and advanced Yoga teacher trainings and Yoga therapist trainings in Greece, Metro-Detroit, Northern New Jersey and Boulder, Colorado and Hawaii. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Yoga Therapy Today, Boulder Magazine, and Natural Awakenings.

*The Yoga therapy components of Nancy’s teaching are based on her C-IAYT credential and not derived from her status as an E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Evangelos Apostolopoulos (Aik)

Evangelos is a E-RYT200 & RYT500 Yoga teacher and a musician. He studied marketing while he was already a competing athlete in Karate and part of the National Karate team for 6 years. He won various Greek championships and a Gold medal in the Balkan Championship in 2000. From 1998 until 2006 he taught Karate as an assistant for his Sensei, Athanasopoulos.

As the former owner of Swaha Yoga Center in Acropolis, the last five years Evangelos has been creating yoga workshops, and co-leading Yoga and Aerial Yoga teacher trainings and retreats. He teaches group classes, and private sessions for therapy. He is trained in Anusara Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Thai massage, Ear acupuncture, TRX, Animal Movement and NHR in schools and training centers from New York to Thailand and India.

As a musician, in the past he composed music for theatrical plays. Now in various workshops he connects the power of music with the spirituality of yoga.

Nora Arjuna

Nora Arjuna has been living a nomadic lifestyle from a young age on. Her journeys have taken her through the distant reaches of Africa, Arabia, South America, Asia and across all of India. Nora has a profound training in the healing and spiritual arts. She is a licensed Esalen®Massage Therapist, a certified Yoga instructor with AYM Rishikesh and a graduate of the Tamalpa Institute for Movement-Based Expressive Arts Therapy in California. She trained with the Four Gates Foundation and gained a diploma in Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval. Furthermore, she studied Psychotherapy, Dance, Photography and Film. She is a gifted visual Artist and intuitive Therapist..

Her healing work has a strong intuitive approach, aiming to bring energy and body back into balance and harmony. She also offers private tutorials, bodywork, shamanic healing, somatic sessions and spiritual counseling, incorporating a variety of methods such as meditation, dance, soul retrieval, shamanic journeying, expressive arts and Gestalt awareness practice.

Nora recently initiated a new project Soul Photography: It is a Therapeutic Life Art Ceremony invoking the sacred feminine, celebrating and expressing beauty and ones true nature in a healing ritual – witnessed and captured through the lens of her camera. All of Nora’s retreats and sessions are carefully conducted to meet each individual. At their core one can find the need to bring forth the beauty and healing power that lies deep within everyone.

Ioanna Valioti

Ioanna Valioti is a Hatha Yoga and Perinatal Yoga teacher since 2006, a midwife – doula since 2004 and has been preparing pregnant women through Yoga and couples training seminars for the last decade. She has completed three different 200hr teacher trainings from the Yoga Academy Lotos (YAI), the Association Chiron the Centaur, and the Nysy Studios (YAI). What-is-more, she has attended teacher trainings on prenatal Yoga with Sue Elkind and Rosanna Kaliabetsos through the Birthlight Organisation.

Ioanna, a certified midwife, first came across Yoga mainly in order to help pregnant women during that “special” period of their lives. What makes her passionate about Yoga is the feedback she gets from her students and the fact that she participates, more or less, in their own life changes. Her teaching is influenced by the classic Yoga systems, and especially Anusara Yoga as far as the alignment is concerned. She loves the quiet traditional Hatha Yoga and finds it necessary to devote some time to breathing techniques and pranayama during each class, as well as to a nice, guided savasana at the end.

She has attended symposia on Yoga, like the Sivananda Yoga Symposium with Swami Atmaramananda for 3 years in a row, and seminars with Vivi Letsou, Alessandro Ortona, Arun Deva, Desire Rumbaugh, Mansoor, Petros Haffenrichter, Todd Tessen, Sue Elkind, Naime Jezzeny, Rosanna Kaliabetsos, Francoise Freedman, gaining something special from each one of them.

George Androulakis

George Androulakis was born in Crete where his involvement with movement in general started. He graduated from the State School of Dance (2009). He continued his studies at the “Yoga & Budo Center” school for Yoga Instructors, under the guidance of Andreas Proveleggios and graduated in 2010. In 2011 he attended the Certified Advanced Practitioner and Teacher (CAPT) Program at the “International Training Massage” (ITM) school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Moreover, in 2013 George attended the “Swaha Aerial Yoga” training program and he has been officially certified as an Acro Yoga instructor since 2014. In addition to that, in 2014 he started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

Over the course of his academic as well as professional career, he has collaborated with numerous Greek and international choreographers. The main axis and backbone in his study of motion and body so far has been “man as a unit and a separate entity within the community” and the various ways in which man relates to the environment and himself.

George is an avid practitioner of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. He has been teaching contemporary dance and Hatha Yoga since 2008, as well as Aerial and Acro Yoga since 2013. He has been providing Thai massage treatments since 2011. Moreover, since 2015 he runs the well known Spiti Yoga studio in the center of Athens.

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