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Namaha Yoga School

Namaha Yoga School was created to be a place of education, service and community. It is a collective of different teachers from different paths and lineages who share a common belief that the teaching of Yoga is an offering and an act of Seva, or selfless service. Founded by Jonni-Lyn Friel and based in Greece, its mission is to create a place where the sacredness of Yoga is not forgotten. A place where Yoga is not a job, but a way to live one’s life and make this world we live in, a better place. With a non-dogmatic approach to all aspects of Yoga, Namaha Yoga School believes that there are many paths leading in the same direction and has reverence and respect for all people on all paths.

The school has a number of different programs in which one may participate, both online and in person. Yoga Teacher Training in both 500 hour and 200 hour certification, 85 hour Prenatal Yoga Training, mentoring for the new yoga teachers, Yoga deepening courses for both the new and advanced students, as well as online webinars and events. Namaha Yoga School is a registered school with Yoga Alliance.

Each one of these young writers analyzing his suffering from… mystic aspirations, or from unrest, or from boredom, would be cured at once if he strove to cure or to relieve the real sufferings of those around him. We who have been favored have no right to complain. If, with all we have, we still don't know how to be happy, this is because we have a false idea of happiness. When we understand that the secret of happiness lies not in the possessing but in the giving, by making others happy we shall be happier ourselves.

The French novelist André Gide wrote about Constructive Altruism in his Nobel Prize winning Journals


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